Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why toilets are awesome


    I love toilets! I can't express how amazing they are. However, most take them for granted- especially in our community where we consider toilets "disgusting" and "gross." This week, my group and I visited Nicaragua for a mission trip where we, alongside the members of a poor community, dug septic tanks for the village's new toilets. Our mission group contributed the materials- shovels, pick axes, but it was the people of Nicaragua who brought strength to the project. Even after working in the farms or walking home from the school miles away, the locals worked harder than any missionary. The sweltering heat and humidity, their fatigue- none of this mattered. What mattered was the fact that for the first time in their lives, they could have a toilet. To them, a toilet meant no more latrines- a haven for disease carrying flies- or roadside plants- where one constantly fears not only being discovered but ant bites, mosquitoes, and whatever else the great outdoors has to offer. They wanted a toilet more than anything in the world. To them, a toilet was a miracle.

(This post was from August 11, 2012 after my mission trip in Nicaragua. :) 

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