Friday, February 28, 2014

The dinosaur

It's 8:38 on a Friday night and I'm in the science center studying with Dino-luver (code name) and Gian. (All our other friends are skiing without usssssss.) Anyway, I think we're all tired af.

"She can't always get what she wants. Just because I want a Dinosaur Club doesn't mean I'm going to make a dinosaur club," said Dino-luver (my friend who told me not to reveal my name because he talks about homicide).
Me: You should dress up as a dinosaur, run around campus, and scream, "JOIN MY DINOSAUR CLUB, BITCHES!"
Dino-luver: You know, during Halloween, someone dressed up as a dinosaur for my dinosaur class.
Gian: Oh! That's cool-
Dino-luver: And then my professor PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE.
Gian: Oh my god. Well, that didn't happen.
Dino-luver: And he was like I THOUGHT DINOSAURS WERE EXTINCT *imitates sound of a machine gun* Now they are."

Dino-luver: I'm really funny. Why can't I find a boyfriend.

Gian: Ughhh how do I end this (his essay for an internship application)
Dino-luver: K, thx, bye.
Gian: AHAHAH. Call me maybe.