Friday, November 15, 2013

Trend Alert! #PrepsterChic

       Here, in the land of toothpaste, snow had fallen and temperatures have dropped a good 20 degrees Fahrenheit since our last preppy college trend report. Something tells me forty degrees is too cold for printed shorts (Darn!). Thus, as the scenery's changed, so have the trends!

Day                    1             2              3            4
Sperrys 15 14 9 27
Brown Boots 29 45 14 4

Table  1: Number of Sperrys and Brown Boots (specifically mid-calf to knee-high in height) spotted by Cindy and me during the course of 4 days (October 29th-November 1st).

Table 2: Percentage of people wearing sperrys or brown boots. The same data in table one but represented by percentages (i.e % of sperrys/ (sperrys + boots)) as opposed to raw data.


Actual Temp

44° Lo 21°

Hist. Avg.

53° Lo 35°


Actual Temp

51° Lo 33°

Hist. Avg.

53° Lo 35°


Actual Temp

59° Lo 38°

Hist. Avg.

52° Lo 35°

Nov 1

Actual Temp

67° Lo 51°

Hist. Avg.

52° Lo 34°

Table 3: The weather conditions experienced during the course of our study.


      The abundance of Sperrys is correlated to the weather conditions- as the temperature increases,  the amount of people sporting Sperrys increases as well. Additionally, as the number of Sperry sightings increased, the number of boots seen decreased and vice-versa. Therefore, our study proves my hypothesis of the inverse proportionality of Sperrys and Brown Boots. However, trends are not a science, and this study cannot be taken as indubitably valid as many factors could have contributed to error and miscalculation: 1) Cindy and I each have different schedules, and therefore, did not calculate the number of people wearing brown boots and Sperrys in the same places which creates variability in sample size 2) sometimes, we'd just forget to count at different parts of the day... 3) If you went to the dining hall, there'd be an overwhelming amount of either footwear and counting without miscounting/ double-counting, labeling each person (which is CREEPY) was difficult, and 4.) Sperrys are unisex, but high brown boots are typically not.

Now for the...

Trend Alert!
Lumber Jack Boots

Casual Suede Men's Boots With Preppy Style Solid Color Lace Up Design
Olive Green Army Jacket

Tall Brown Boots

Unisex Bean Boots by L.L. Bean

Waxed Canvas 6" Maine Hunting Shoe, Men's


Puffer Jackets/ Vests

What does Gian think about these trends? "I think we have to overthrow the patriarchal agenda! That is all."


The L.L. Bean Website,d.dmg&psig=AFQjCNG5lps9hzGqEVarQcPOY-jTMgRstg&ust=1384626149766719

J Crew Website

Fashion Collage (:

Fall Fashion 2013

(Article in Progress)

     I don't know about you, but no look screams fall more than a layered look. Think, cardigans and coats over long sleeve tees or button ups. 

(From Christian Dior's Fall 2013 RTW Collection)

Here are some examples and tips for creating easy, effortless layered looks. 

Color palette:

  • Ralph Lauren's collection employed the classic fall shades: olive green, plum, deep burgundy, and rich browns and black (the collection's primary neutrals)
Gettin' Graphic 

(From Christian Dior's RTW Fall 2013 Collection) 

I LOVE how Dior played with knitwear and patterns. Dior's collection employs a fun, visual take on the classic sweater dress. 

Dresses: Ballerinas Galore

Urban Renewal Tulle Slip Dress
Oh my gosh, she looks like a ballerina.

Urban Renewal Tulle-Skirt Overall Dress

Pins And Needles Mesh-Top Tulle Dress
Pins And Needles Mesh Sequin Fit & Flare Dress

Holy crap, Urban Outfitters- What's with all the ballerina dresses?
Kimchi Blue Esmeralda Fit & Flare Dress

Also, cut-outs are a thing. 

Cooperative Scallop Peplum Dress

Black Beauty
Ralph Lauren's collection displayed an incredible collection of floor length black gowns, all with a long, lean vintagey (1930's) look. Many were embellished and others had fur accents. Tres chic.  Overall, the dresses were precisely tailored and much attention was paid to detail. Good job, RL.

An image of dresses from the 1940's

RL's Fall RTW (Ready-to-wear) creations


kate spade and reese beanie at new york fashion week 2013
Glamour's Do's and Dont's List puts warm hats as a DO c:
I concur. (Especially since there's snow up here)


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So, I burped.

Andy and Ali ":o"

Me "o__o"

Andy and Ali *clapping and laughing*

Andy "She burped! That's so cute!"

Humanities vs. Science (Colgate Students Engaging in Intellectual Activity)

Ali "You find sciences lively and liquid? Humanities are about humans. I love humans."

Ali "Germans are the language of NIETZSCHE!"

Angela "Greek is like, the most BEAUTIFUL language! You can read the entire gospel-"
*cue me cracking up*
Ali "Why are you laughing?"
Me "I thought it was written in Old English or something..."
Angela "Well the Old Testament is in Hebrew.. but the gospel is-"
Andy "The real gospel is in CHINESE!" *Note: Andy's Chinese
Ali "You're not even Chinese!"
Angela "IT'S THE BEST!"

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where are you FROM?: Racism at Colgate University #rant

One of my friends is from Hong Kong, and people always tell her, "Wow, your English is really good!" 
And she replies with something like, "Oh, thank you." 

English is her first language. 

She told me that during one of her classes, she and her friend from Brunei were participating in a lecture when the professor said, "What is like to be white in America? Because, let's face it, most of us here are white." 

What does it mean to be white in America?
Well, no one compliments your English. 

And certain other scenarios wouldn't even cross your mind. 

My biology lab professor told us that when sending in her academic papers for peer editing, she'd receive nasty comments: "You have no logic" and other scrawls criticizing her writing style. And sometimes, she'd get, "Is English your native language?" because she's of Hispanic origin. 
      And when she told this to us, a Caucasian girl in my class interjected, "Ohmygod! That's horrible!" It is horrible. And it's something that she couldn't image, something that would probably never happen to her. 

But I guess if my Biology professor has to put up with that kind of ignorance (and she is BRILLIANT by the way), then I can take the ignorance, too. 

And I have. 

During a meeting with my art history teacher:
"I gave you an A-. I really like the way you write; it's like you're making comments about the artwork, and you have your own voice." I was feeling pretty good about my first essay until... "But you use certain words incorrectly. This means something else. And sometimes, you phrase things awkwardly. Is English your first language?
"Yes." There was an awkward pause. "I'm from California.."
"Do you speak any other languages at home? It's just that, I have a lot of Asian students... and I don't mean to assume..." Wait.. you don't mean to assume.. Then, why are you assuming?

Also, when  you're white, no one tells you stupid things like, "All white people look that same!" 

This morning, I went to order an omelette in the dining hall.
"Could I have an omelette with bacon, cheese, and broccoli?-"
"Didn't you order one already?"
He gave me a strange look. But then, some other Asian girl came to grab an already-made omelette composed of similar ingredients. 

And you never EVER get asked if you're a citizen of the United States.

My Chinese friend was ordering an omelette one day as well.
"It's pretty cold outside," she said, just making small talk with the chubby omelette dude.
"Yeah... is it not cold where you're from?"
"Are you International? What country are you from?"
"I from Connecticut." 

For place prided on its diversity and academics, so far, Colgate has 
fallen short in terms of being an accepting environment. I have never felt so...
My being "Asian" has never been so blatant
so noticed
the basis of how people perceive or judge me.
Does it matter?
Why does it matter that I'm Asian?

Colgate's Student Government Association e-mail: "You picked an enthusiastic and diverse group of representatives! We come from as close as New York and as distant as Hong Kong!"

What does it matter where a person is from?
Does one person represent the entirety of his or her country?

Does distance make someone unique?

Why does a school want so much diversity?
To be able to write diversity on a pamphlet? 
To advertise their 

collection of ethnic students?

Does distance make a difference?
Does diversity make a difference?
What does it matter where I'm from? 
Does that determine my character?
Does that help you assume things about my character?

Why do we assume?
Why do we pick out differences rather than see commonalities?

And I know that none of this bullshit would have happened at UCLA (UC Lotta Asians) or another Asian-dominated school. But the majority is ignorant so ignorance reigns. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm looking for a boyfriend with (insert criteria here)

So, my friends and I always have these conversations about our "perfect partner" criteria. Here are some of the things they said... (Note that these are legitimate and rather personal preferences)

Angela "As long as he has a beard, I'm fine with everything." 

  • I EFFING LOVE GUYS. I don't know how to specify that anymore. 
  • As long as he has a FINE BEARD. [NO STUBBLE!]
  • And is Korean.
  • Well, he doesn't have to be Korean, but he has to speak Korean and like Korean food. 
  • And he needs to go to graduate school. Preferably in MY field.
  • And I don't want anyone who's majoring in music. NO! Or art. (Because they're crazy...) [cue me being offended]
  • I like the quiet types (so he can listen to what I'm saying. I mean, I don't want a guy who talks a lot because I like to talk a lot). #Domination
  • NOT GIAN. 
  • Somebody's who's funny.... 
  • and he can't be shorter than I am (because I want tall babies.) 

"And I think that's pretty much it I'm not that specific."-Angela 

  • Cindy wants tall babies, too.
  • I don't like Asian people (personal preference).
  • I don't like beards. (Angela "WHY ARE YOU GOING AGAINST ALL MY POINTS!" Cindy "I don't think guys should have them.." Angela "THEY'RE THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THINGS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!") 
  • He needs to be relatively intelligent. 
  • His job can be whatever the hell he wants (as long as he's making money) 
  • He can be.. nice
  • Compassionate 
Angela "Any physical characteristics? Nice abs? Nice... cows?" 
Cindy "COWS?!"
Angela "CALVES!" 

(Yeah, at this point, Angela turned into an interviewer to "get more out of Cindy")

Gian "He has to be able to twerk."
Angela "Yeah! Like, any ... dance moves you want him to have?"
Cindy "No.."
  • moderately athletic/ fit
  • outdoorsy 
  • likes dogs (Cindy doesn't like cats.) 
  • He needs to not crush me to death when he's sleeping... so he can't roll around...  
  • a girl shorter than him
  • intelligent
  • short
  • cutesy and bubbly 
(This was dictated by Cindy and Angela because Gian was studying Chem. Gian "Wow, you guys remembered it." :)

  • "Any girl..."
  • "... with B-cup boobs (or bigger)."
  • "And a butt. (Because butts are nice in the winter)." 
Paul (One of the whitest kids I know)
  • Ethnic
  • Tall
  • someone smarter (or just as smart) as she is (which eliminates 99% of our school)
  • less than a foot taller than her (She's 4'11)
  • relatively fit
  • not a heavy partier
  • someone who won't push his views onto her 
  • someone less awkward than she is 
  • Sexy
  • Intelligent
  • Someone with similar culture and religion 
  • someone who's mean, preferably (to handle his sarcasm) 
  • isn't crazy
  • has the "lost boy look"
  • Can't illegally pirate music
  • No glasses
  • Needs abs
  • NOT left-handed
  • Birthday on the 26th of the month 
  • Someone with personality
  • bulky.. buff... rugged buff guys?
  • Into anime 
  • Nice

Cindy, "Why do we even have lists? because this doesn't even matter."
Angela, "Because I want a guy with a beard." 

Friday, November 8, 2013

College, Peer Pressure, and Prose #rant

I'm a girl who smells like flowers instead of some cheap beer
I'm a girl who likes to laugh at characters from her favorite shows instead of the bad jokes told by some guy in the dark
I'm a girl who likes to party but knows when to stop because alcohol is dangerous
Because young and stupid are not synonymous
Because I don't want to be known for getting wasted, laid, hospitalized, or fucked up! 
but for things that actually matter.

In college, there's this huge priority distortion that occurs. For some reason:
     making more friends > making true friends
     going to parties > spending time embracing yourself
                     Time to reflect, look in the mirror, and think, "Yeah, this is who I am. This is the person I want to be."

There's also this pseudo-notion that college is not the real world. You can have sex with EVERYONE! Get everyone TOTALLY BLACKOUT DRUNK! And be a total ASSHOLE! Get out of your room! It's sad. Pathetic. Uncool. Join the party! SCREAM! FUCK! DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!!!

And it's okay. Justified, even. Don't worry, you have your good-for-everything excuse- "It's college."

Yes, it is college. A college full of real men and women, intellectuals, fun-lovers, more than a tight dress or biceps.

And it's shallow, the party scene. But I guess that's the point. It's an escape from reality, from those which keep you grounded school, work, our families.

Yeah, our parents aren't here to ground us anymore.

So it's time to ground ourselves.

To take responsibility for our actions instead of taking advantage of the college lifestyle.

All I'm saying is, be a person. Don't forget that college is real life, and don't be an asshole. The world doesn't need more assholes.