Monday, October 28, 2013

Why I love yoga class.

     Sometimes, it's Monday, which can be the shittiest day of the week, especially if it starts of with you startling yourself out of dreamland and realizing it's 15 minutes before your 8:20 a.m. Chemistry class. You didn't sleep that well that night, and now you have to go to class both sleep-deprived, ugly (stupid bed head), and hungry. Then after class, you can't go back to your dorm to fix your hair so you look like a decent human being because you didn't finish the epicly long assignment you just realized you had to complete by today last night -facepalm- so you go on and read that ridiculously confusing discourse and write your hopefully less-confusing essay rapidamente, finish just in time, and feel really proud walking to your class until you realize that it wasn't due until next week so you could've actually had lunch with your friends and gotten a decent good night's sleep.... Oh well. Moving on. But seriously, you're pissed. And then you realize that you did the assignment due last week completely wrong, and that's another thing you have to do today. Ughhhhh. But then you go back to your dorm after a horrible half-day. Your roommate's there, and she says her aunt gave her a bag full of cookies, and she hands one to you. It's literally the best cookie you've ever eaten in your ENTIRE LIFE.
     And suddenly everything's okay. I guess you were just hungry. But you still feel kind of meh because there isn't enough time in the day, but you have to sacrifice an hour of studying because you have yoga class. It's your first day. Huh.. Shit. I hope I don't need a mat. "Did I need to bring a mat?"
    "No-" the girl you ask says. "There are ones over there."
    You grab a purple one because it's your favorite color. The yoga instructor starts class, and it's awesome. Her voice is kind of yell-y and not very relaxing, but she does that because the zumba class is blaring music next door. It confuses you at first, the fighting BOOM BOOM beat and hispanic pop battling with the calm piano tunes of yoga class, but soon, the yoga instructor tells you to let everything that's been bothering you go just when you need to hear that the most. And after a bunch of weird poses (which you can manage because you used to take yoga back home.. except the bridge :c Sometimes, bodies just don't want to do that) and the chillest music ever, you get to just lay on the purple yoga mat and take a nap while that song from Twilight jams in the background. I have died every day waiting for you... Namaste.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why do we wear the things we wear?

Sometimes, and by sometimes, I mean all the time, I end up thinking way too much about something for no reason other than the fact that I like to think (especially when I'm supposed to be studying for my Chemistry test on Monday. Ha. Haha.) And now, the word vomit.

    In college, it's like I'm a different world. I anticipated the scenery to be different: a different landscape- being in the middle of nowhere and seeing trees for miles-, different wildlife- the squirrels here have the bushiest tails ever!-, different people... but not this different. Oh no. This isn't just different faces but some other-worldy shit. Like seriously. To put it in a nutshell, I deem Colgate as "The Prepster's Paradise."
    Yeah, I said it. My friend Cindy from Connecticut is all like, "I think you're exaggerating how preppy people dress. It's seriously not that weird." But I guess I never realized how used to hoodies, skinny jeans, vans, and logo t-shirts people get from PacSun or something  until I came to this place where these articles of clothing have been basically driven to extinction. I mean, sure, in every place, not every single person dresses exactly the same. That's crazy. But these trends address the 80% that do.

What people typically wore in high school:

  • Hoodies
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Converse or vans or Nikes or something (Typically, really shitty-looking and beat-up)
  • Brands: Target, PacSun, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Victoria's Secret (You know, sweatshirts with PINK that were like blue or something... I totally had one), Hollister, Forever21 

And all this stuff became normal to my eyes. The "Normal Look." Like, I'd look at guy wearing a hoodie, jeans, and shitty-ass shoes and be like, "Yeah. He looks normal."

And then, everything changed when the Sperrys attacked. 

For those of you who don't know what Sperrys are... bless your lucky souls. (Just kidding. They're not that ugly. Like, if crocs were the bottom of the ugly scale, like, as ugly as you'd get, and sexy heels were at the top, they'd be 1/5 of the way up.) They're these boat shoe things

Kinda silly looking, right?

So why would anyone (especially since these are boat shoes and no one here is actually on a boat) purchase these bad boys for $95 a pair?

The answer: Conformity.

The same goes for the other common Colgate trends.

I've seriously never seen this much JCrew, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Patagonia, Northface...  in my life. When I saw ads for these companies in magazines, I'd always wonder about who actually bought this preppy attire... And I've found the people that do. Ohhhh yes.

I've never seen so many army green jackets in my LIFE. Literally 1/5 girls wears one.

Mean Girls (the prepster version?)

Every time there's a single cloud in the sky, these are EVERYWHERE!

Toddler shorts, anyone? (Literally 70% of the guys own embroidered/ bright colored shorts!)

What I think guys are trying to say by sporting such preppy looks:

Whale you go out with me?

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you're the only fish for me (;

Come take a ride in my sailboat!

Orange you glad you met me?

I go to the gym and what do I see? 40 pairs of Nike shorts looking at me.

It's a puffer vest paradise!

Yes! I'd love to look like a marshmallow today!

Where did all the hoodies go? Oh, the Northfaces wiped them out.

And so many oversized sweaters.

With leggings.

And brown boots.

And we can't forget button ups!

And what look would be complete without a $145 Longchamp book bag? 

You know how Jansports used to be a thing? At a rich-kid private school, this is the thing.

And these.

Needless-to-say, I miss the Cali-cool/ casual look :c
But I'm going to try out some elements of this prepster look (like sweaters (: I love sweaters!) and learn how to layer because it's getting kind of cold here :D

And at least I don't have to see some of the Cali trends I don't think I'll ever miss: