Friday, November 15, 2013

Trend Alert! #PrepsterChic

       Here, in the land of toothpaste, snow had fallen and temperatures have dropped a good 20 degrees Fahrenheit since our last preppy college trend report. Something tells me forty degrees is too cold for printed shorts (Darn!). Thus, as the scenery's changed, so have the trends!

Day                    1             2              3            4
Sperrys 15 14 9 27
Brown Boots 29 45 14 4

Table  1: Number of Sperrys and Brown Boots (specifically mid-calf to knee-high in height) spotted by Cindy and me during the course of 4 days (October 29th-November 1st).

Table 2: Percentage of people wearing sperrys or brown boots. The same data in table one but represented by percentages (i.e % of sperrys/ (sperrys + boots)) as opposed to raw data.


Actual Temp

44° Lo 21°

Hist. Avg.

53° Lo 35°


Actual Temp

51° Lo 33°

Hist. Avg.

53° Lo 35°


Actual Temp

59° Lo 38°

Hist. Avg.

52° Lo 35°

Nov 1

Actual Temp

67° Lo 51°

Hist. Avg.

52° Lo 34°

Table 3: The weather conditions experienced during the course of our study.


      The abundance of Sperrys is correlated to the weather conditions- as the temperature increases,  the amount of people sporting Sperrys increases as well. Additionally, as the number of Sperry sightings increased, the number of boots seen decreased and vice-versa. Therefore, our study proves my hypothesis of the inverse proportionality of Sperrys and Brown Boots. However, trends are not a science, and this study cannot be taken as indubitably valid as many factors could have contributed to error and miscalculation: 1) Cindy and I each have different schedules, and therefore, did not calculate the number of people wearing brown boots and Sperrys in the same places which creates variability in sample size 2) sometimes, we'd just forget to count at different parts of the day... 3) If you went to the dining hall, there'd be an overwhelming amount of either footwear and counting without miscounting/ double-counting, labeling each person (which is CREEPY) was difficult, and 4.) Sperrys are unisex, but high brown boots are typically not.

Now for the...

Trend Alert!
Lumber Jack Boots

Casual Suede Men's Boots With Preppy Style Solid Color Lace Up Design
Olive Green Army Jacket

Tall Brown Boots

Unisex Bean Boots by L.L. Bean

Waxed Canvas 6" Maine Hunting Shoe, Men's


Puffer Jackets/ Vests

What does Gian think about these trends? "I think we have to overthrow the patriarchal agenda! That is all."


The L.L. Bean Website,d.dmg&psig=AFQjCNG5lps9hzGqEVarQcPOY-jTMgRstg&ust=1384626149766719

J Crew Website

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