Tuesday, March 17, 2015

That time I went through a storm for a long-sleeved crop top

Brandy Melville is a CA girl staple store. This means a girl in search of the 90's grunge-inspired, laid-back, cool girl effect will wind up with a BM top in their repertoire. I'm obsessed with the trend. I'm not the trendiest gal, but after finding a cozy long-sleeved one-size fits all (which usually is a pain, but worked delectably this time around) grey stretch-fabric number at a gently-used clothing store over Winter Break, I re-fell in love. I'd been into the trend summer 2013 when it was obsessed with floral crop tops and loose hoodies. After months in middle-of-know-where upstate NY college, seeing the Brandy Melville word art on a window caused me to relapse HARD. But not hard enough...

I saw this cute semi-cropped ribbed marble-colored long-sleeve top and tried it on immediately. The sleeves were stretchy and the top form-fit in the best way. But it was $21 and eh... do I really need another basic?

My lovely Bostonian-native friend and my boyfriend continued our journey through the Boston shopping district. We went through a comic store (nerd paradise!) and Nike (where my boyfriend was in awe by the funky-colored sneaks). However, after each store, my thoughts traced back to the Brandy Melville top.

It fit like a glove. Why didn't I just buy the damn thing?

"I want to buy the shirt!" I announced to my friends at the library. By this point, we were a good twenty-minute/ten block distance away. But the sun burst through the breach of cumulus in the sky and the Asian beat boxer was outside doing his thing (beatboxing through his speakers a combo of Barbie Girl and dubstep) and I felt all the good vibes. They said they'd wait at the train station.

So I started trekking back toward BM. And suddenly, the sun disappeared. I felt a raindrop on my head.


Then, it started raining. Pouring. Hailing.

Everyone was caught off guard. A pair of Korean girls in hood-less sweaters were drenched. A mom pushing her baby in a stroller was disdainfully sipping her bubble tea. A man was waving around a half-bent umbrella that grew more tangled as the wind gained speed. I felt like I were about to be blown away! Outdoor mannequin displays toppled down the cement stairs. The American Apparel sign fell over as I passed by it.

I finally entered the store. The supervisors were gossiping about the weather's bipolorness. I got the last Breanne Crop Top in the store. It was the top hanging as a display.

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