Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scene: Dining Room

Amanda, Adib, and I are studying in the dining room. Papa L. is cleaning the dishes in the kitchen while Josh is singing in the living room. Mama L. is coming down the stairs.
Mama L.: "Now they have to wait till it's this late to fight over the bathroom! Vlad, tell Maddie she should shower in the morning!"
Papa L.: "MADDIE!" (Shouts to upstairs) "YOU SHOULD SHOWER IN THE MORNING!"
Amanda: "UGH!" (Trying to do homework in the dining room) "Can everyone be QUIET?"
Maddie: "I need to brush my teeth!" (shouts to downstairs)
Papa L.: "Isn't that a benzophaliene?" (Looks at Amanda's homework)
Amanda: "Dad! That's not a benzophaliene! That's a cephlophaline!" (those aren't actual words)
Mama L.: "The benzenes are always greener!" (to the tune of Under the Sea)
Amanda: "Can't we just have some silence?! I'm trying to do my homework! I should have asked for noise-cancelling headphones for my birthday!"
Me: "You got pants!"
Mama L.: "Amanda! Take your pants off the counter! They'll get cat hair on them!"
Amanda: "I said I'd do that later! They don't have cat hair on them now..."
Mama L.: "But they're new..."
Josh: "This is the SONG THAT NEVER ENDS!" (sings and clanks crutches to the floor)
Amanda: Can you just stop singing! Why isn't there a place in the house that is completely silent!?!?
Adib: I can take everyone's noise. It's Amanda's complaining that makes me annoyed!
Josh: (Turns on sink. The wall starts thumping rapidly.)
Mama L: Josh!
Josh: That's not me! That's Maddie turning on the shower!" (Josh turns on the faucet more and the thumping gets worse)
Mama L: "Josh, STOP THAT!"
Amanda: Why does everyone in our family have to sing?
Papa L.: "You know I got BOSE headphones. From my work. They were doing constructions at the office and I got angry so they got me $300 headphones!"
Amanda: "Can I get headphones? Cause I'm getting ANGRY!"
Amanda: "Shut up, Mom!!!"
Me: "Amanda... don't say shut up to your mommy...."
Papa L.: "Aw.. pumpkin."
Mama L: I'd like an apology. And why don't you talk to your grandma!"
Josh: (singing under the sea)

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