Monday, February 9, 2015

It's Monday

     It's gotten to that point of the night where my ability to be productive has decreased significantly (unfortunately, it's only 9:37 PM and in my midst are a multitude of homework tidbits in need of attention). In the last half-an-hour, I a) tried to open a door from the hinged side of the frame and b) typed my password into the USERNAME box of the computer while trying to log in.

     Today was very productive... almost too productive. I woke up at 7 am (the usual) and after ten minutes of battling away the sleep in my eyes, rolled over my boyfriend still soundly asleep in the XL-twin bed we often co-inhabit. I fumbled into the bathroom, did the face wash and tooth brush thing, picked out an outfit (which my bio buddy complimented me on) and even did make-up -- all in under twenty minutes (so pro). The cruiser headed my way just as I'd waded through the semi-paved snow, my Joan of Arctic snow boots thoroughly covered by the time I walked up the bus stairs and greeted Gary, the punctual driver. I ate a gluten-free bagel and Nutella (different from my usual 7:40 craving of an egg white omelet with bacon, cheese, broccoli, and tomato). I was pretty grumpy this morning and remember silently cursing the girl in front of me at the fruit bar because she was literally taking all of the ripe strawberries. While chowing down on the best meal ever, I checked my email. My boss decided to put me in charge of making a... pregnancy brochure due ASAP. I spent the next moments before class browsing through infographic inspiration sights because the Harvard example he sent me was boring and gray (sorry, Harvard).
      Then, classes happened. Sociology was fun, I guess. We switched seats and I participated in class by answering a question about what the pros of experiments are (which is such an accomplishment for me because I'm socially awkward as SHIET). Then I half-ran to Biology (because the good seats in the front of the lecture hall get taken quickly, and this girl likes to sit in the front). I caught up to my friend Liebs on the way, and she looked like a walking purple jelly bean because of her purple puffer and purple boots (which reminds me of the all white outfit-- white khakis and off-white parka-- my boyfriend wore yesterday, which everyone laughed at during dinner because he looked like a freaking astronaut or person who didn't look in the mirror while dressing himself). In Bio, I learned about Glycolysis.
      I have this awkward hour in between the end of my 9:20 and my 11:20, so I ran errands. I went to the convenience store conveniently located like three minutes away from my class and bought cotton balls because I use them to remove my makeup at night. Then, I bought some lunch things and had an awkward 10:30 lunch of a peanut butter protein smoothie and a banana. Afterwards, I visited a professor to see if he'd received my application for Summer Research because I messed up trying to submit it on the Google Form. He interviewed me right then and there and I was glad I was feeling coherent. I talked about my limited experience with macroinvertebrates and he seemed relatively interested in this.
     In Psych, I almost frikkin passed out because that smoothie had gluten or something. Jk. I just looked up bananas on and they say bananas are a "Sleep Soundly" food because the magnesium and potassium are muscle and nerve relaxants. Plus, the vitamin B6 converts tryptophan into serotonin, which also increases relaxation.
     Post-psych, I ran down the hill to the art department and drew a pregnant woman on Photoshop. A dude from my art history class set next to me and asked me about reading. The last time I'd talked to him, I think, was freshman year first semester when we had a library shift at our library job together. We never really talked though... I think I asked him like, where a section of books was.
     Then, I went to drawing. No one likes to sit with me... like, I have a desk by myself while everyone else is crammed 4 to a desk. But it's okay because I can spread my junk errywhere.
     Then, I went to work and worked on the pregnancy thing. There was also a giant stuffed bear in the office because of our "Be Beary SAFE" campaign about sexual health.
     It was 5, and I ran to cheer practice. We did dances and some stunting and conditioning until 7. By 7, I had my first actual meal in like 12 hours. I ate super cheesy enchiladas and a ton of tomato soup. I saw my friend Nick who I hadn't seen in forever, and we talked in the enchilada line. The cheer girls and I were super loud at our table because we make fun of each other a lot and laugh at everything which is great. Then, I had to go to stupid PLTL which I resent because of the time, but end up liking when I'm actually doing it. It's for Bio and we do a study group with practice problems for upcoming tests. By 9:20-something, I was freeeeee. So I went to the library and wrote this. Oh, and before I got a laptop, I was sadly sitting on the stairs because I literally felt drained of all life. A girl I new walked by and asked what I was doing on the stairs. She kindly asked if I needed anyone to talk to because I said I probably looked really sad, but I just laughed and told her I was okay. I'm totally pumped to do hw now haha. #collegelife
      Now it's ten. I should do my lab report or something.

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