Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kinda Lethargic

During the school year, my Monday would look like:

7:00 AM Wake up
7:34 Catch the cruiser
7:40 Breakfast at Frank
8:20-9:10 Legacies of the Ancient World
9:20-10:10 Core Japan
10:20-12:10 PM Painting I
12:20 Lunch
1:30-2:30 Work
2:45-4:00 Art History
4:15 Dinner
5:00-8 Cheer Practice
8-12 Studying studying studying

And over break, it's like:

8:00 AM Wake up (haha still jet lagged?), Cook Egg whites + Banana Gluten free Pancakes (mmm) and Blueberries
9-10 Watch Pretty Little Liars
10-12 Film and Edit YouTube Video
12-1 PM Watch YouTube videos
1-4:30 Dance Moms marathon! Ahh Season 6 Premiere. The drama...
6-7 Zumba
7-8 Power Yoga
8-11 Watch movies and read my book on Australia my beautiful friend Kat gave me for Fearsome Five Day, The Sunburned Country 

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