Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I Hate Packing

     It's not so much figuring out what to bring as it is figuring out what to leave behind. I always try so hard to cram all of my clothes into a single, large luggage, but it's never a perfect fit. The reason I'm so paranoid about leaving any clothes behind is this: my sister is a clothes-stealing MONSTER. 
     No joke.
          My clothes are at risk of being stolen, stretched (my sister is 3-4 sizes larger than I am), and/or altered if I leave them at home. I am very over-protective of my clothing and feel constant paranoia knowing that they're not safe if I leave them at home.

        My mum tries to make excuses in my sister's defense:

  • Your clothes got mixed in with hers after doing laundry
  •  It was an accident
  • She's not stealing your clothes. You're just paranoid
         These would be plausible excuses if not for the multiple offenses and substantial evidence. 
  1. In 2012, my sister and I co-purchased a gorgeous, over-priced (but thankfully on sale) long sleeved grey Free People top with awesome open back detailing. It also had romantic, black embroidery on the sleeves, and every time I wore this top, I'd get a compliment or two. It was a gorgeous top. I left for college without the top. When I came home from college over winter break, my sister had hacked off the beautiful sleeves. I almost cried.  
  2. The summer of 2013, a few weeks before I left for college, I'd purchased an over-priced, black hoodie from Brandy Melville, and I was so pumped to wear it to the airport the day of my flight to NY. I'd packed most of my clothes and searched my wardrobe remnants, but my hoodie was nowhere to be seen. I asked my sister if she'd seen it. "No," she repeated at my numerous suspicions. Unconvinced, I peeked into my sister's closet where she kept her tops. No hoodie. I almost declared my hoodie a lost cause. But then, I looked up at the top shelf of her closet, and beneath crowded paper bags and a large pink robe, was a peep of black. She'd tried to hide it before I left for college so that she could keep it all to herself. 
  3. When I came home from college this summer, I was excited to wear one of the peach casual dresses I'd left behind. I found it disastrously out of shape, the spandex stretched to the point of no return, as if someone larger than me had worn it and stretched it out. 
  4. Three days ago, my sister had finished organizing her closet, and I admired the fact that everything was in rainbow order. I flipped through some items and almost rage-quit when I saw my purple cardigan dangling in her closet. The purple cardigan that went missing after I'd brought it back home from college over winter break. 
  5. In addition, dangling behind that cardigan was my denim jacket. I told my parents about my sister's thievery, and when they tried to confront my sister, she slammed the door and refused to acknowledge the topic. 
  6. Today, I decided to snoop through my sister's closet before I left for NY to see if any of my clothes had "randomly" ended up there. Behind a paper bag on a top shelf were my navy tank top, my polka dot tee, two of my skirts, my dress, and two pairs of my shoes. 

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