Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy 4th Monthaversary! (:

My current boyfriend and I have been together for a third of a year now! I feel like it's been both a long time and no time at all. He feels really awkward writing cards, so he decided to send me a poem. It was based on a poem he'd written when he was 10 called "The Angel." (haha) The last bit is what he made up when he could not remember the original lines. 

An Angel past compare
Her fragrance so sweet so fair

An embodiment of perfection

A cause of so many distractions

Her hair a flowing fountain

To praise her is to build a mountain

A little crazy a lot of cute
But sometimes I wish she would be mute 

But still I like it when she speaks

because shes amazing, and what more could a guy seek 

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