Thursday, May 14, 2015

What's in My Makeup Bag? (And mini-reviews of my favorite products)

I like makeup because its a socially-appropriate way to draw on my face. 

Oldie but Goodie: Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Eyeliner $8 + 
This bad boy had been in my makeup collection for years. I'm pretty sure I bought the product (photograph below) when I was fifteen. There is still a decent amount of product in it, but makeup does expire (collects bacteria, in the case of mascara the formula gets gunkier), so I figured it would be best to repurchse from the lovely Target. Typically, if I keep an eye product for too long, my eyes show irritation in the form of redness and tiny zits. 

Why I love it: It barely fades and does not budge or smudge on your upperlash line. It does smudge a bit on the lower lash line, but I don't really use it down there. Brown gives a nice, natural look and brings out the brown in my eyes. 

Gel Eyeliner after ~4 years of use (not daily, but often for light lining on upper lash line)

Ratchet brush after ~4 years of use and much washing

My eye brush + liner collection
Elf Eyeshadow Brush ($1 from Target)
EcoTools Flat Shader Brush (purchased in a pack 5+ years ago)
Estee Lauder Shadow Brush (gift from mom)
Max Bronze Eyeliner ($3 from grocery store. Fun to line lower lash on a summery day)
Sephora Eyeliner (gift from mom)
Maybelline Ultra Liner Waterproof ($6-7 from Target, not the best. Can flake off a bit, but overall makes thick opaque marks. I use this for dance performances or going out.)

Mascara and Friend:
Covergirl Lashblast in Waterproof $8+
Why I love it: It's waterproof so it holds my curl. It does not smudge at all! I would not say it's totally water proof (will smudge if you swim with it haha) but its great for everyday. It lengthens and does a good job of thickening. Not as dramatic as Maybelline's Falsies, but its a lot easier to get off with makeup remover (Falsies formula is so difficult to get off! It's so much of a hastle, I stick with Covergirl even though I find Falsies' brush more volumizing). 
Sephora Eyelash Curler $17
Why I love it: Way pricer than I'd usually go for a curler (drug store curlers are typically $4), but it is the best curler I've found for my eye shape. Does not pinch, and fits an almond (Asian) shape. Can't quite get the outler lashes in one squeeze, but if you do two pinches (one for inner/middle and one for outermost) you'll get a splendid curl.

Benefit World Famous Neutrals $30
Why I'm "Meh" about it: The packaging is cute, but inconveniently bulky in an unnecessarily thick box. The colors are nice neutrals but there's nothing special about them. Decently pigmented and nice for everyday. I really like "it's complicated" and the small shimmer shadow pots. I use this on the daily, but I wouldn't repurchase it for $30. 

Miscellaneous Makeup Pallets:
Claire's Glitter Duo (gift from my friend, Alissa)
Estee Lauder (free gift)
Lancome (free gift)
Wet & Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells $3
Stila Snowflake Holiday Palette $5 (Nordstrom Rack)
Why I love it: Super silky shadows. Great for neutrals. Nice, dark pigmented browns. 

Neutrogena Chapstick with SPF 15 (free with banana boat sunscreen purchase)
Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub $9.95
Estee Lauder Lipstick in Bois de Rose (part of gift set)
EOS Lip Balm $3
Sonia Kashuk Lipsticks $8 each (in Coraline and Sheer Orchid)
Burt's Bees $8 (Rose tinted)
Why I love it: It's lipstick with the texture and feel of chapstick. It gives your lips a noticable red tint and moisture. Great for an everyday color. 

Bath and Bodywork Pink Passion Fruit Hand Sanitizer
Nair Hair Remover Mini
Revlon Nail Files
Elf Eyelid Primer $2
Why I love it: Keeps eyeshadows and liners on my lid! Does crease after a long day, but it gets the job preserving a look. For $2, its totally my go-to base under natural makeup looks. 
Revlon Tweezers

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  1. I used to use that Ultra Liner until i realized that it peeled off after a few hours. Not the best formula I have to say x