Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quitting my job

When I came to college, my financial aid came with a work study grant. I was pretty excited. I spent the first few weeks applying for what would be my first job. On Colgate's job website, there were random positions listed: "Lifeguard at Boathouse," "Mascot," "Sports Assistant." Finally, I saw a title that piqued my interest: "Library LASR Assistant." I immediately applied. I'd volunteered at the library for two years of high school, so this was right up my alley. My friends Gian and Andy had applied also. We took our interviews one right after the other, and we were all hired. First semester, I had a similar shift as each of them. Working was pretty fun. I mainly straightened books meaning I'd go around the stacks (shelves) and bring all the books to the front of the shelf and make them look neat and "flushed." When I'd get bored, I'd troll over to Gian and we'd listen to Ke$ha's Timber on repeat as I helped him with his task of cleaning or try to scare Andy as he straightened the gay books (pun intended). Second semester, I spent more time doing LASR stuff. The LASR machine holds all the books, DVDs, records, and what-not in the archives. I was known as the person who used two step-stools to reach the auditing machine and a liability seeing as I always managed to unintentionally break the LASR robot. My co-worker, Kayla convinced me it wasn't my fault. She said the robot's arms which carried the metal book boxes were attached to a head up above the ceiling that we couldn't see, and the head was very tempermental. My boss, Joe, from around upstate New York was really cool. He had a candy dish and let me eat all the tootsie rolls and dove chocolates, brought me coffee, and played Christian rock pandora from the desktop computer as I audited books. We'd have random conversations about the Statue of Liberty, his daughters, and my ballet class. One time, when I was straightening books, he saw me try to balance one of the books on my head. "I almost wet my pants when I saw you do that," he told me. I'd really grown attached to my job. So when I walked into the LASR room today, and Joe smiled and greeted me with "Angel!" as usual, my heart kind of sank. "How are you?" he asked.
     "Uh... I actually came to ask something."
     "Yeah, you seem distracted."
     I took a breath. "I think I need to stop working. My Chem grades are pretty bad, and I don't know.. if I can handle it anymore. But I don't know if I'm allowed to quit."He looked sympathetic.
    "You can quit. You didn't come to college so you could get a job. You came so that you can get educated and make it.. out there in the real world."
    I nodded. "I'm so sorry. You guys have trained me so much, and I really appreciate it. Like, I can use the LASR."
    "It's okay. If you don't think you can handle it, well, make sure you email Lisa (the head lady of LASR) and tell her you talked to me."
    "Okay. I will."
    "Bye Angel. Have a good week, if I don't see you later."
    "You too... see you around. Bye."

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